Claude Speed V2.0 "Player Replacement"

Hola, hoy les quiero compartir este mod de claude speed v2 final este es un nuevo player para su gtan san andreas espero les guste y comenten si quieren que les comparta mas player img HD o LQ. tambien si quieres que publique skins en mi blog :D 

Hi today i want to share with you guys this mod Claude Speed V2.0  "Player Replacement" final version. i hope you guys like it and commnent if you guys want a skins section in my blog :) 

Extra :D 

Claude Speed : Player Replacement v2.0

features :
- full cj replacement included with new hairstyle and clothes..
- all models is modified...i made claude always look,he can't get fat or muscle.....its will make me easier to make custom clothes for claude..

whats new in this version?
-  new clothes included :
   flight jacket(sub urban)
   denim vest(sub urban)
   openen jacket(victim)
   police jacket(victim)
   new blue garage outfit(special)
   new skully cap(sub urban)
   sweet's cap(sub urban)
   supporter hat(binco)
   construction helmet(binco)
   some new t-shirt skins
-  new hands model
-  3 new tattoos
-  hoody control feature(press z to open the hoody and again z to default)

instalation :
- Easy....You dont need use any special tool to installing this mod...
- Put all files from the archive to your GTA SA Installation directory (replacing the original)...
- Done...Run The game and enjoy.....